What’s the big deal?

I think Jesus is a big deal.

You may be thinking, “Well, duh. You’re a Christian, so of course you like Jesus.”

To which I respond, “That’s not what I wrote.”

My general impression is that Jesus, functionally speaking, is not that big of a deal to a good number of people who call themselves Christians. Thus, my fear is that, because too many Christians do not make a big deal out of Jesus, too many unbelievers will continue to treat Jesus as though he were not that important. My hope is, to the infinitesimally small degree that I can, I might rectify this situation.

But what makes Jesus a big deal? Why is Jesus important? Why him rather than anyone else who ever lived in the history of the planet?

Because, as Peter correctly identified, Jesus is the Christ (Matthew 16:16).

You may be thinking, “So? What does that mean?”

Or maybe you have been a Christian for a while. Maybe you are already familiar with the terminology of “Christ.” Maybe you know that “Christ” comes from the Greek word which literally means, “Anointed One.” Maybe you have some working knowledge of the Hebrew language and recognize that the word “Messiah” also literally means, “Anointed One.” So maybe you have put the pieces together and see that the words “Christ” and “Messiah” are just the Greek and Hebrew versions of each other.

And maybe—as was the case for me—this information means nothing more to you than a piece of trivia you learn from watching Jeopardy.

In case you don’t know, my dad Dr. Gary Tuck is a professor at Western Seminary in San Jose who has taught (among other subjects) biblical interpretation and New Testament for over twenty years. He has taught me one of the most simple yet profound theological teachings that I have ever encountered.

I am going to share this life-changing notion with you, free of charge.

Are you ready?

Jesus. Is. King.

The words “Christ” and “Messiah” mean… King.

A king has supremacy in relation to his kingdom. A king has authority over his subjects. A king receives glory when his subjects acknowledge his rightful rule over them.

When you read or hear the words, “Jesus Christ,” I want you to think, “King Jesus.” And when you think the words, “King Jesus,” I want you to be reminded of the ultimate supremacy Jesus has, of the unlimited authority that He wields, of the unending glory that is due to Him.

So whenever you encounter the words, “Jesus Christ,” I want you to be reminded how big of a deal Jesus actually is.

If you are a Christian who is likewise convinced that Jesus is a big deal, I pray you will be encouraged to continue in your faith. If you call yourself a Christian but do not regularly make a big deal out of Jesus, I pray your conscience would be stirred by the Holy Spirit to consider why this is so. If you would not consider yourself a Christian or if you are not sure what the big deal is all about, I hope that you would just keep reading this blog nonetheless, and that you would consider one last thought.

Philippians 2:10-11 teaches that, one day in the future, every knee will bow to Jesus and every tongue will confess that Jesus is Lord (read: King). The word “every” includes you. The question is not whether you will bow on that day; the question is whether you will bow today.

That seems like a pretty big deal to me.


For starters…

First things first: Why?

Specifically: 1) Why am I starting a blog? 2) Why should you read what I write?

As to the first question, it’s because my wife Frances suggested I should.

Well, not really; she (who, in case you don’t know, has an excellent blog over at justfrancest.com) suggested that I start a podcast. After a moment’s consideration, I realized that I have precisely none of the necessary equipment for a podcast, no inclination to purchase said equipment, no experience in “podcasting,” and little incentive to rectify such deficiencies. HOWEVER, I also quickly realized that the text-based equivalent of a podcast would be a blog, which seemed like a reasonable and reasonably priced alternative. Besides, I’ve always been a path-of-least-resistance kind of guy.

So, a blog it is.

As to the second question, it’s because I intend to write about what really matters.

I know how arrogant that sounds, but hear me out.

I named this blog, “Not Ourselves.” The typical usage of this idiom goes something like this. Somebody acts crazy or out of control, and when he calms down, he apologizes for excuses his behavior by saying, “I wasn’t myself.” (Yes, I just used the masculine pronoun for a generic person. Get used to it.)

But I use the phrase as a reference to one of my favorite verses from the Bible. In II Corinthians 4:5 (ESV), Paul writes: “For what we proclaim is not ourselves, but Jesus Christ as Lord, with ourselves as your servants for Jesus’ sake.”

Did you catch it?

The apostle Paul in essence is saying, “I (along with my trusted colleagues) do not write to you so that you will know how awesome I am. I am not seeking to further my own reputation. My message is not about me. It’s about Jesus, who is both Christ and Lord. If you don’t yet understand how important that message is, that’s fine for now; I’ll do my best to serve you and to explain to you the weight and depth and height and grandness of this concept. For the sake of Jesus, I will communicate this message to you.”

I did not start a blog so that I can convince you how smart, how clever, or how witty I am. I don’t want you to read this blog and come away thinking that I am important. I’m not. I will write so that you can know how important Jesus is.

And HE is what really matters.

How’s that for starters?