Monthly Archives: October 2016

Election 2016

Not that anyone asked, but here are my thoughts on Election 2016. They originally appeared as a “Tweetstorm” and remain largely unchanged.
1) Hillary Clinton is unqualified for the presidency. I refuse to support her.
2) Donald Trump is unqualified for the presidency. I refuse to support him.
3) One of these two will be the president.
4) My vote will not be the deciding vote that makes the difference between either candidate (and neither will yours).
5) Clinton and Trump are not the only two candidates running for president.
6) Not voting is an option (though not one I would recommend).
7) The presidency, while important, is not the only office/issue on the ballot.
8) Bold prediction: the world will not end on November 9. You will still have to live with people who voted differently than you.
9) Character matters. A vote for a candidate is an endorsement of that candidate’s trustworthiness.
10) For Christians, we must show with our vote that our trust is ultimately not in the occupant of the White House for the next 4 years.
11) If you want to know for whom I will be voting and why, ask me.
12) Matthew J. Franck said it well: “Vote as if your ballot determines nothing whatsoever—except the shape of your own character.”
One final word: Come quickly, Lord Jesus; and keep us faithful until that day.